❝funnyman, gotta try to be something wonderful. funnyman, listening to a world turn in on its sail: turn it into a brand new universe.❞
the gardener
❝so, now we're dancing through the garden — and what a garden I have made! now that death will grow my jasmine, I find it soothing, I'm afraid.❞
salt song
❝everything I've heard them say — this danger just justifies my hope. if I saw myself inside a dream would I recognize me as my own?❞
hold onto me
❝don't you need me, like you said? am I the last guy you loved, are you with somebody else? am I the only one you still remember when you've given up on yourself?❞
once in a great while
❝I might be the only fool who cares but, don't you feel like you're under this wave of staggering charm? one was set to carry you and never came.❞
keep me high
❝come here, close — almost enough to touch. in and out, you keep me in and out, love. can you keep me high? hi, love. you break me. the pull is stronger than the push.❞
astral plane
❝is there a way? for you to shine without fear from other worlds? but you can't say, what keeps you here? dancing on the astral plane, in holy water, cleansing rain.❞
❝i'm gonna drive to the beach and sleep somewhere expensive, alone... driving like i always drive, in an old car that starts shaking at sixty-five. why would i dare stay when you know my voice shakes when i lie?❞
watching from a distance
❝don't you dare think i don't think about you; just because we can't speak doesn't mean you're not on my mind. like a ghost, like a moon; like a God, like a truth.❞
nobody else will be there
❝i thought that if i stuck my neck out, i'd get you out of your shell. my faith is sick and my skin is thin as ever. i need you alone.❞
the moth
❝throw the man you used to be away, burn him with rivalry entirely. my entire life you've been obsessing with the light: the closer that you get, the further you've got to climb.❞
midnight train
❝am i a monster? what will your family think of me? they brought me in, they helped me out with everything but, i give a little piece of me away every single day.❞
whiskey and you
❝one's the devil. one keeps driving me insane. at times, i wonder if they ain't both the same; but, one's a liar that helps to hide me from my pain & one's a long gone bitter truth.❞
santa monica & la brea
❝maybe i could die treading water, drowning under moonlight sonata. so kill me like you used to do, love me like you never did.❞
handsome hands
❝when the lights do go out, where do we all go? when the fallout comes, we know the show must go. please just give to me your pair of handsome hands then, i really won't care where my body lands.❞
slow dance
❝i'm not going home with you tonight but, you can hold my hand and we can take it slow and, i can show you how to slow dance.❞